Why Co-sleeping Is No Longer Working For Us

Co-sleeping has so many advantages however as my son has gotten older we have found that it no longer works for us

It’s 4am and I’m pretty sure I️ should be getting an extra hour of sleep because of daylight saving time. However I️ am up because my son likes sleeping horizontally and he kicked me in the face. Why isn’t he in his own bed you ask? I don’t know, I really don’t know. All I can think to myself is co-sleeping is no longer working for us.

Before I even get into why co-sleeping is no longer working let me first say that co-sleeping has a ton of benefits. I don’t believe it’s a bad thing at all.

Benefits of co-sleeping:

Co-sleeping increases breastfeeding

Parents and babies sleep better

Co-sleeping promotes family closeness

Co-sleeping allows working parents to connect with their child (this was a big plus for us)

Co-sleeping allows working parents to connect with their child
When Courtney gets home from work he looks forward to being able to bond with his son.

Now let me take you back to when this all began. I’m not going to lie, when I was pregnant I was the one telling Courtney that the baby was going to sleep with us and Courtney was not having any of it. However, something you must know about Courtney is that he’s a big softy. By the time the baby got here he had changed his mind.

We are now trying for baby number 2 and Santana is older. We’ve found out the hard way that co-sleeping is no longer working.

co- sleeping has so many advantages however it is no longer working for us
After I successfully moved him to the pack n play

No Privacy

We knew once we had kids our time wouldn’t be our own anymore. My husband started getting concerned with us co-sleeping after he wanted some “grown up” time and I️ looked over to Santana. Even though we can carefully put him into his pack n play when he’s asleep he’s usually up before anything gets started. Since we live in a two-story house I didn’t want him upstairs when he was first-born. So our bedroom was really the only option.

No space in our bed

Santana is bigger than most kids his age and our bed is not that big. It sometimes feels like there are 3 adults sleeping in our bed. We usually wake up periodically through the night because he’s kicking us. I wake up everyday with some part of my body hurting because I’m not sleeping comfortably at night. We don’t want to buy a new bed when we can easily put our son in his own bed.

He wont fall asleep

We actually have a nighttime routine. I’m sure most parents do, and it was working perfectly for us. I would feed him, bathe him, then read him a story and he would go to sleep. What I have noticed lately is that now he won’t fall asleep at bedtime. In “Marriage After Baby” I talked about how the time after I put him to sleep is one of the times we try to carve out for our marriage. We use that time to catch up on Netflix. Lately he’s been trying to Netflix and chill too! The only way he will go to sleep is if we all go to sleep together.

Co-sleeping has been a gift and a curse for us. It’s awesome because when Courtney comes home from flying I love seeing them together. But all good things must come to an end. Do you co-sleep? What are your bedtime routines?

Until Next Time!

co-sleeping has many advantages but we have found it's no longer working for us

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