About The Kisha Project

I want the Kisha project to be a place of complete transparency.


I decided to start The Kisha Project as an outlet to share my personal experiences and hopefully encourage other moms. Where other mom’s can come and read about my journey into marriage and motherhood. It’s a mom blog, but I’m also telling stories. HONEST stories. It is important to me that I not sugarcoat anything because none of this has been easy. I want to make sure that someone reading this will be able to relate, maybe even learn from some of my experiences. I will cover a variety of topics but my passions are marriage, parenting/motherhood, self-care, and culture. I’m still learning as I go so this is a “work in progress” there will be a lot of growth. I hope that you will appreciate my unfiltered honesty. So let’s learn, laugh, and cry together as we take on this new project called motherhood!

The Gulley family are the family behind The Kisha Project.

The KISHA behind The Kisha Project

My name is Kisha Gulley. I am a new mommy to a little boy, a wife to an awesome pilot, a former flight attendant, and now I’m taking on the role of blogger! I was born in Panama and raised in Little Rock, Arkansas. We currently reside in Dallas, TX. I became a flight attendant in 2005 and met my husband Courtney at work a few years later. We had our son Santana last year, and got married earlier this year. I went from flying the friendly skies and traveling the world to being a stay at home mom. I love Netflix, music, food, traveling, and champagne! I am honestly living my best life! Thank you so much for stopping by and I hope you stay awhile.


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