3 Benefits Of Play Dates, For An Only Child

Play dates are so beneficial to a child's development

It was raining the other day so Santana and I didn’t leave the house. I’m not sure if it’s possible for toddlers to get cabin fever but I’m pretty sure Santana had it! I usually like to take him to a play yard so that he can wear his self out. However I knew that we could both benefit from a play date.  I love play dates because of the many benefits that come with it as a stay at home mom.


I LOVE being a stay at home mom and it has so many advantages, but there are a few disadvantages. One of the main ones I’ve faced is that he doesn’t have an opportunity to interact with other kids on a regular basis. I knew that once he got old enough to interact with other kids I was going to have to reach out to other mom’s. Since he is an only child he spends his days with adults only. I wanted to make sure he got the social experience necessary for his development.

Santana and Jaxon javing fun during a play date
Santana and Jaxon having fun!


Santana genuinely enjoys being around other kids. When he comes into contact with other kids his face lights up and he starts talking in gibberish. To some people that might not mean much, but to us it is so great to hear him attempting to communicate. We know that his words will come soon enough, but at least he’s trying.


As an only child Santana doesn’t have to share with anyone at home. However when he gets around other kids he can sometimes be a little selfish. So I try to use our play dates as opportunities to teach him to share. Whenever I take him to play with twin boys Oliver and Dylan he immediately gets excited. Then he finds the play room and he takes over the toys. It was something I was afraid of. But it was also a great opportunity for me to see him interact. I used it as a teaching moment. To teach my son how to be a good friend and person.

oli, Dyl, and santana
I know it doesn’t look like it, but they are really having fun


Play dates also give me an opportunity to have adult interaction! Having a mom tribe is important in our lives as mothers. So when you get the chance to possibly find a member of your tribe or to hang with tribe members jump on it! I was lucky because Karla is a patient mom and she understands what I was and continue to go through. I’m able to talk to Karla about my concerns, frustrations, or anything else I need advice about.

I’m going to keep this play date thing going for a while. Do you still have play dates for your kids? Have they been a good addition to your child’s routine?

play dates are so vital to a child's development

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