Why We Celebrate Friendsgiving

Friendsgiving is a time for us to celebrate with our closest friends who are more than family to us.


Some people will be with family. There are some who CAN’T be with family. Then there are those that would rather not, because it’s just too stressful. Whatever your reason, just know friendsgiving is an option.

When Courtney and I started dating I felt it was important for us to start celebrating holidays together. Now that we have a son I am always making sure that we are continuing to teach him about our heritage and culture. I’m also incorporating our own traditions in as well. You can read my post about heritage here.

One of the holidays we started celebrating was “Friendsgiving” instead of thanksgiving. This really came about because working in aviation we were never off on any holidays. This year is no different, so we are going to celebrate early with people we care about. Besides, friendsgiving has unofficially become an official holiday right?
Celebrating friendsgiving with the people we care about has been one of our favorite holidays


Back in the day when we were working we would have our own version of friendsgiving. We would just get together as a crew and eat. Sometimes passengers would invite us over, other times if the flights weren’t too full our family members would be able to join us on overnights. However trying to travel as a non revenue passenger during the holidays is always a pain.

This year we are celebrating friendsgiving a few days early because Courtney has to work on thanksgiving. It initially started off with us inviting a few of our airline friends over who also had to work and couldn’t go be with their families. Every year our little group grows. We all really enjoy ourselves and nobody feels bad for not being able to travel anywhere.

friendsgiving is a tradition we look forward to celebrating with our loved ones every year

The only difference between ours and other people’s holiday is that I usually make all the food. Well, except for the turkey. I still don’t trust myself making the turkey so we bought one from Cowboy Chicken. I also haven’t mastered the art of making tamales just yet.

I am so thankful for these group of people I’m able to celebrate with every year. Here in Dallas we don’t have our families near by. So friendsgiving is a tradition that we will continue for years to come. It’s not forced on any of us, we are here together because we have chosen to be. So here’s to many more years of friendships, because friends are the family we have chosen for ourselves.

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