How I Got My Couponing Start

I got my start with couponing while I was a flight attendant. It quickly turned into one of my favorite hobbies and obsessions.

One thing I️ picked up while I️ was flying was couponing, of all things. For some reason people think flight attendants make a lot of money. This is soooo not true. When you are starting off not only do you not make any money, but your schedule is horrible because you are on reserve. You never know what you are going to do on any given day or what time. You just sit by the phone and wait.

One of my detergent hauls

During the beverage service of one of my flights I️ noticed that I️ was picking up a ton of Sunday papers. I️ always put a paper aside for the pilots in case they want to read it. While doing so I️ decided to take out the coupons and sales ads. At the end of 1 flight I️ had accumulated a bunch of coupons. I️ decided to keep them. I️ had no idea what to do with them yet or if I️ could even use them on anything I️ needed. Then I️ started googling information until I️ felt like I️ knew what I️ was doing. I️ got to a point where I️ was carrying my coupons with me in my overnight bags. I️ started couponing on my overnights!

My stockpile!

By the time Courtney and I️ got together I️ was addicted to couponing. If he bought anything full price I️ would cringe. However he wasn’t convinced. It wasn’t until I️ had accumulated a stockpile and he no longer had to buy toiletries or anything for the house that he became a believer. When I️ got pregnant I️ started couponing for baby supplies. My son is now 16 months and I️ haven’t had to buy any wipes. I️ didn’t have to buy diapers until he was A year old.

Dryer sheets for days!!

Since I️ am now a stay at home mom anything I️ can contribute to our household is helpful. Couponing is not only fun for me but it helps out immensely.

Here are a few of my favorite couponing/money making websites:
Kroger Krazy
Totally target
The Krazy Coupon Lady

What are some of your hobbies and how did you get started?

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