Date Night With Bonding Bees Date Box

Bonding Bees date box
I received the Bonding Bees date box free for my review. However opinions are 100% my own. Full disclosure available here.

The date box comes with a date guide, pizza crust mix, pizza sauce, parmesan cheese, pizza cutter. oven mit, canvases, acrylic paint, paintbrushes, italian playing cards
My husband has been at work for 5 days and I am really looking forward to seeing him when he gets home. If your spouse travels like mine does then you know how lonely it can get when they are away. It’s one of the reasons I am always trying to make sure we make time to nurture our relationship when he comes home. I know I’ve told you that after having a baby your marriage can change, but being away from each other can put a strain (or in some cases help) on your relationship as well. That’s why I was so excited when I got the Bonding Bees date box.
Bonding Bees date box

What is a date night box?

A date night box is a box subscription service that provides you with everything you need for a date night in with your love. They usually have themes, and comes with some sort of food and activity for you to enjoy your time in the privacy of your home.

Bonding Bees date box Italian themed spotify playlist
Inside of the guide book they give you a link to a spotify playlist to add to your mood.

Ciao Bella!

This month’s Bonding Bees date box theme is an Italian date! Included in your box is a Date Guide. A booklet that tells you exactly what you have included and what you can expect for your night. Pizza dough, sauce, parmesan cheese, canvases, paint brushes, paint, Italian playing cards. You also get a pizza cutter and oven mit as an added gift! The booklet also lists a link for a customized playlist to add to the ambiance. Included in the booklet are the instructions for creating your own masterpiece and instructions on how to play the card game. The only thing you really need to add is extra toppings for the pizza. Meat and veggies are not included!

I will also add that the guide book comes with some pictures for you and your date to replicate. My husband and I took one look at those pictures and knew we were not going to be able to recreate any of those. So we decided to make it our own and just freestyle! That was our favorite part. Neither of us had ever painted before.
bonding bees date box pizza
I was not going to post a picture of our pizza because I’ve seen other people make pizza and they were able to shape it like a heart. Umm I have no idea how those people did that. But we are actually really proud of our pizza. I know it might look sketch but it was REALLY good!

Details about Bonding Bees date box

They offer a month to month subscription, 3 or 6 months prepaid. They also have an option if you would like to gift this to another couple. They also give you free shipping. With the month to month subscription there isn’t any commitment and you can cancel at any time.

Why this works for us

When my hubby comes home sometimes he’s a little too tired to go out. I can completely understand how it is when you want to just relax after work. Since I have been home I am wanting to go out and do something fun. However this is us compromising and meeting in the middle. I get my date and he gets to stay home and relax, plus we don’t have to worry about finding a sitter.

Courtney and I painting with the stuf we got in our bonding bees date box
This was our first time trying out a date box and we LOVED it!

Bonding Bees mission is “Gather.Give.Grow.” Not only have they provided us with everything we need to have a memorable date, but every month they select a “couple of the month” to feature and donate to their charity of choice. They also sponsor a child and on their site they introduce you to the child you will play a part in helping. How awesome is that?!

I’m going to be honest when I initially told my husband about the concept he was kind of skeptical. I honestly didn’t know what to expect when we got it. The Bonding Bees date box exceeded our expectations and we really enjoyed our night in! We can’t wait to do it again.

Kisha Gulley holding picture she made with bonding bees date box
I had to represent with my picture!

Have you ever considered trying a date box? What do you usually do for date night?

Until Next Time!

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