French May Air Fryer Product Review

product review of the french may air fryer
product review of the french may air fryer
I recently got an air fryer and it was the best purchase ive made
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My birthday was the 24th and my husband got me an air fryer! Let me start by saying I am not the best cook, but the stuff I do make, I make very well. At least I think I do. My husband will eat (and love!) every and anything I make. I told you guys how I like to cook for my husband when he gets home from work. However, when he’s not home I like to keep everything simple.

I started seeing air fryer’s on social media. Every so often someone would post pictures of food they were making, and saying how great it is. It was only natural that I should get one too. So I did what any stay at home mom in my shoes would do. I told my husband.
product review for French May air fryer
Once I opened my FrenchMay Air Fryer box the first thing I noticed was that it was huge. It takes up all of the counter space. Courtney doesn’t really like appliances on the counter so I have to make sure I have some space to put it up after I am done. It has a nice sleek black design though so it would look nice if your husband isn’t as picky as mine.(wink)

French May includes an operation manual and also includes a book of recipes. I already knew what I wanted to make as soon as I opened the box. Chicken Wings! I’m going to be honest. I was so excited so I briefly read through the instructions just to make sure I got the gist of how it worked. However, I was mostly winging it (no pun intended.)
product review for the French May air fryer
I made sure I put my chicken in one layer in the air fryer. I didn’t want to throw a bunch of wings in there causing overcrowding. Plus, I knew it wouldn’t cook properly if the air wasn’t being evenly distributed.

The air fryer itself was super easy to operate so I set it for 20 minutes and did my own thing. The instruction manual said to shake the wings halfway through, even though I did it I don’t really feel like it needed it. Once the 20 minutes were up I took my wings out and they were perfection!! They were juicy and had a nice crispy outer layer.

I made sure to put my chicken in a nice layer inside of the air fryer.
It doesnt look like it, but i made sure to season the chicken

We love the taste of fried foods. However I never cook them at home because I don’t like the film that seems to be on everything in the kitchen after frying. I also don’t really like frying food in a ton of oil.

This air fryer is perfect because there is none of that. There isn’t oil popping everywhere burning your arm. No film covering everything else in your kitchen. Best of all its oil-less cooking! On top of that it’s dishwasher safe. I have a very active toddler so I love that I can put food to cook and I don’t have to focus on it.
finished product of the wings I put in my French May air fryer.
I ended up eating wings the entire weekend because they were so good. This made my husband happy because he knew he got me the perfect gift. After making bacon in it this morning for breakfast we have decided to get rid of our George Foreman grill.

I really recommend this product to everyone! So head over to Amazon and get yourself one!

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